About Our Cars

Europcar Hire is not just a car rental agency. While we do have a huge fleet of cars, minibuses and other vehicles we rent out to those who need them, we also offer you skills and expertise you just won’t find anywhere else. We don’t just operate on the basis of profit. We also operate with our clients in mind so that they can take the cars we provide anywhere to do just about anything. Service with a smile, advice from experience and great vehicles that work well are just a few of the great benefits of driving with Europcar.

Europar has been established to provide clients with more services than what a traditional car hire agency could offer. This includes the experience of our booking agents and other staff, who can help you find the right vehicle for the type of trip you want to take. If you are going through the bushveld on a camping holiday, you are probably going to need a very different car than if you were going to a business conference. Similarly, a family of seven won’t be able to squeeze into a hatchback, and this is where our differentiating factor comes in. we’ll give you the right vehicle advice.

Another of our great differentiators is our service. Our friendly and professional staff will go out of their way to help you whenever needed, in just about any situation. And they’ll do it with a smile. As for the cars themselves, know that when you rent one of our vehicles, you are getting access to a car that has been fully serviced and cleaned and is ready for you to use from the moment you pick it up. And if you need us to drop it off, well that’s just another service that we are able to offer our valuable clients.

So why go with Europcar hire? Because we are different than the other agencies and strive to make your holiday, your business trip or any other car rental adventure a smooth and easy one. Before you book your holiday, remember to book your car from Europcar, and let us help you get your journey off to the best start possible. We’re here to give you great advice and to help you get the right car for the right journey, no matter where you need to go or what you need to do.