Fashionable Hair Styles for Short Hair

Cropped hairstyles offer women a modern way to wear their hair, and do not think that all cropped hairstyles look the same – far from it. If you had long hair before and are considering a shorter hairstyle this might be just the style you were looking for. This is the ideal hairstyle for the summer months but it will work well for autumn and winter too. It will give you a sophisticated yet manageable look, ideal for the office and great for the outdoors.

Apart from the fact that a short hairstyle is a popular option for hot summer days, short-cropped hairstyles rebound from generation to generation offering new looks every time they make a comeback. The latest trend is a messy look giving you the appearance of someone who just woke up. You can however also do the retro thing and wear it straight or blunt to blend in with the eighties look when it was last in fashion.

Keira Knightley has highlighted in her wavy, flowing cropped style, a style that she will be able to manage easily in the mornings. Sarah Harding’s style has been cut in layers of different lengths. This outrageous look is funky and gives a young appearance. The style that Jaime Pressly uses is a more refined look, which is more controlled – not as messy as the other looks. Your hair will appear tidy if you cut it this way and this style is ideal to wear for holidays. Actress Halle Berry’s hair is really cut short and she styles it to create the really messy hairdo that she is known for. Singer Rihanna on the other hand has a cropped style with different variations giving her a space-aged appearance. If you have the personality to carry this off, you can try it.

Both males and females wear cropped hairstyles, so there is no reason why a guy cannot get the look. The relaxed way the cropped hairstyle is worn makes it an easy choice for all kinds of people who can adapt the style to their own liking.