Production Taking Place in South Africa 

We have an international talent pool that can assist you with a variety of requirements, including acquiring film permits, talent, equipment, or post-production facilities. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us.

South Africa is home to a well-established film and television industry, and the country also features a variety of publicly accessible and privately owned locations that allow filming under certain conditions. The procedure for acquiring a permit is not overly complicated, and it is unquestionably something that a film fixer could assist you with. Filming with drones is also allowed in this location, which, given the breathtaking scenery, can result in films with a significant cinematic impact.

Get in touch with us if you need assistance with the production planning of a TV commercial, documentary, or full-length feature film, and we’ll let you know how we can be of service.

Fixers in South Africa

South Africa is an attractive location for filmmakers for several different reasons; however, due to the vast size of the country and the many different regions, it may be beneficial to enlist the assistance of local, experienced film fixers to assist with your production needs. We can offer assistance and direction with matters such as the following:

Expenses and Available Funding

In addition to being a place to film that is breathtaking to the eye, South Africa is also an extremely cost-effective location. A local production fixer will be able to assist you in making the most of your budget throughout your shoot, and there is already a significant amount of film infrastructure in place.

Searching for Crews and Potential Candidates

Film production companies in South Africa are in a good position to find directors, photographers, and other professionals; many of these individuals have experience working on international shoots. This is because South Africa has a robust film industry presence. In addition to human models, actors, and actresses, South Africa also has a sizeable pool of animal performers who are available for work. The majority of these animal performers do not belong to any unions. There are a variety of animals, ranging from wild game to household pets, that can be arranged for use in your production if that becomes necessary.


In almost every part of South Africa, fluent English is spoken, so the use of a translator is rarely necessary. A film fixer, on the other hand, can make the necessary arrangements to have someone available to assist you if you so desire.


South Africa is served by a significant number of international flights daily, in addition to the abundant domestic flights that are also available. Because of the comprehensive nature of the infrastructure and the high level of maintenance given to the roads, it is simple to move crew and equipment from one location to another.

South Africa is home to a diverse selection of hotels and other types of lodging, many of which offer discounts for extended stays or group bookings of five rooms or more. One of our film fixers can assist you in finding lodging that is suitable to your preferences in terms of location as well as cost, regardless of whether you would like to stay in a hotel or have your kitchen.

Because obtaining a visa to enter South Africa is not the easiest process, having a film fixer who can assist with the application is likely to be of great assistance in this regard. There is typically an Oversight Group and a Specialist Group within the production staff. These two groups work together to produce the final product. In general, production company employees, staff from agencies, and members of the technical staff make up the Oversight Group, whereas models, art actors, and directors are more likely to be found in the Specialist Group.

Which group you belong to and whether or not you have a letter from the South African production company that will help to streamline your processing will determine whether or not you need to apply for a visa in advance and whether or not you have a letter from the South African production company. Because entry into South Africa is also contingent on the country of origin, please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you require assistance in making these arrangements.


The standard workday in South Africa consists of 10 hours, including a one-hour break for lunch. Overtime is compensated at one and a half times the regular rate or two and a half times the rate, depending on how much time is put in. To reiterate, if you are in need of a fixer to assist you with budgeting in this regard, our team is here to help.

Constructing the Set and Locating Suitable Studio Space

South Africa is home to several studios that are already operational, but in the event that you require the construction of a set, this can be arranged for you as several local art directors have experience creating sets for international shoots. Your film fixer will be able to assist you in arranging for the use of the abundant equipment and technology that is already present in this location.

Incentives and Credits Related to Taxes

Incentives and tax breaks are offered to international productions that take place in South Africa, provided that certain requirements are satisfied.

Warnings and Recommendations for Travelers

Even though South Africa’s crime rate is relatively high in comparison to that of other countries, most crimes are committed in isolated areas, and there is a sufficient amount of law enforcement in place to deal with the problem. Working with a local fixer can again assist you in avoiding potentially problematic areas during your stay in South Africa, as can the fact that many international productions film in South Africa and then return there without any problems whatsoever. For more information on production companies that can assist you with all of the above, click here.