Shuffling Your Career: The Path to a Job as a Casino Dealer

A slightly hazy room filled with cigarette smoke, a table surrounded by elegantly dressed people intent on the game, and the croupier – almost invisible, professional, dressed in a white shirt, vest, and bow tie. He stands behind the casino’s customers, manages the games, and explains the rules… This is the image of casinos that is commonly depicted in films and books. However, as you might expect, this image is not always accurate. So, how does it feel to work in a casino? What exactly is a croupier, and who can become one? How much money can you expect to make in this position? In this article, we will attempt to answer these questions!

What Exactly is a Dealer?

Despite the disparity between fiction and reality, what a croupier does is consistent with what is depicted in movies and books, as he directs the games that involve customers in the casino and ensures that they are organised and run properly.

The Croupier is Also an Inspector

What exactly does this mean? In such a case, he observes the guests’ behavior and detects possible cheating. He also checks and supervises the work of the croupier, who is also in charge of the game. So it seems obvious that the person in this position should understand the rules of gambling – not only for their conduct but also to monitor the correctness of customer behaviour. If you are only applying for this job, you should not be concerned if you do not know everything. After hiring, casinos usually organise appropriate courses to prepare you to perform this function.

Aside from that, there’s no denying that this can be an extremely stressful job – casino guests frequently lose large sums of money, so they can act aggressively, threaten, and intimidate – so a strong psyche and the ability to control stress are required. The croupier is expected to remain calm and peacefully resolve conflicts.

Dealers Rarely Wear a Watch to Work

Employers do not permit this. Casinos are built in such a way that there are no windows or clocks to check the time. Why? Because the owners want their customers to lose track of time, to be unaware of how long they have been in the casino and how much time they have spent there. Because of such dependencies, some visitors may spend long periods in such a location without realising it.

Customers can, of course, check the time – have a phone or watch, they are not required at the entrance – but pulling out a phone in the middle of an interesting game seems a bit rude, and the busy person does not think about looking at it. The concentration on what’s going on at the table or machine is so intense that the time seems secondary.

This is not the only trick used in casinos to keep customers as long as possible, but it is directly the work of the croupier, who must pull them off for the duration of the game. Croupiers and casino dealers have a completely new perspective as well. An online casino where customers can watch live streams and play casino games remotely. This aspect of the business is still evolving, and there is much to learn and accomplish.

Employer Requirements for a Dealer

As previously stated, the position of croupier necessitates knowledge, patience, and emotional control. So, what do employers typically look for in candidates for croupier positions? What qualities must such a person possess? After reviewing job postings for this position, we can conclude that it is critical:

  • Strong mental fortitude and high resistance to working under pressure.
  • Resistance to stress and the ability to conceal emotions
  • Even in stressful situations, maintain your cool.
  • Counting is quick and efficient.
  • Secondary education is required.
  • Perception and the ability to react quickly
  • Long fingers that allow you to easily grip chips or cards.
  • Openness and a feisty personality.
  • There is no criminal record.
  • Ability to communicate at least fluently in English.
  • Patience and poise are required.

Aside from that, you may have noticed that we prefer young people (students and postgraduates) with pleasant appearance that inspires confidence. It is also necessary to be able to communicate clearly (people with impaired speech are unlikely to be hired), as well as have good eyesight and hearing.

How Does One Go About Becoming a Casino Dealer?

Getting a job in this field is no longer as difficult as it was a few years ago. Of course, it is still a demanding position, and the candidate must be adequately prepared to perform it, but in the early stages of recruitment, good intentions and meeting the requirements listed in the ads are often sufficient. What should be done to land a job in this field?

Previously, the path to becoming a croupier was much more difficult. Before starting work, he had to complete an 8-week training course. Every week, there was a test on how to play the game. Each of them required the croupier candidate to pass. The tests required not only knowledge of the game’s rules, but also the ability to count efficiently and quickly.

The casinos organized the courses, so the tests were based on the games that were played there. Furthermore, such training taught the future employee what his job would entail; he learned not only the rules of the game but also the location. In addition, following the course, the candidate had to go to the Ministry of Finance and pass another test before receiving a license to become a croupier.

Do Croupiers Nowadays Get Jobs Right Away?

Of course, he is not unprepared for the profession. It is sufficient to look at job advertisements for this position to discover that there are now training courses for the profession, but only after the person has been hired. So we can say that the most important thing right now is goodwill. If you meet the requirements of the advertisement but are unfamiliar with the rules of the game, don’t worry; the casino will train you after you’ve been hired to ensure that you’re as professional as possible. The changes are primarily because fewer people apply for this job nowadays, far fewer than previously.

What Does a Casino Dealer Make?

An intriguing question for those considering this position and others is how much a croupier can earn. Is it a well-paying job? In South Africa, the median annual basic earnings are around R55,558. However, it is worth noting that many members of this profession can earn a second income from tips. Guests at such establishments can be extremely generous. Because of the pay and nature of the work, this position is frequently chosen, for example, by students looking for extra money. Perhaps these earnings aren’t enough to satisfy your financial needs, so why not visit online lotto’s website to try your luck at South Africa’s first free online lotto draw?

The Negative Aspects of a Casino Dealer’s Job

There is no denying that, while the work of a croupier appears to be interesting and engaging, it has a dark side. To begin with, there may be cheating guests; if you draw their attention to what they are doing, they may become aggressive or even intimidate the croupier. The same is true for customers who lose money, regardless of the amount. The behavior of bitter and frustrated people can be so dangerous that they must be removed from the casino.

As a result, the job necessitates a strong personality. However, disgruntled customers are one thing; it is also worth noting that most such establishments are open 24 hours a day, so you must be prepared to work different hours – day and night – and days that most employees will be off. Working as a croupier is not easy, and not everyone will be able to handle the responsibilities. That’s why it’s always a good idea to consider whether you can handle it before taking it.