Travel To The Free State

The Free State is one of South Africa’s 9 provinces and simply has so much to offer. This particular province is known for its blue skies and sunny weather. It is an area that lies between the Vaal River and the Orange River which makes it the ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The Free State actually provides 70% of South Africa’s grain and deserves a great deal more tourist and traveler attention than it currently gets.

Breathtaking scenery and tons to see and do are to be expected when paying a visit to the Free State. Many travel to the area to see the rock art, hunt for fossils, ride the steam trains and even explore the various museums and monuments found in the area. Hiking, camping, picnicking, and so on are also popular pastimes for those traveling to the area. When it comes to things to do and see in the Free State you will find that the options are simply endless. Of course, if you want to make sure that you have access to the best places of interest and activities then it is best that you seek out the advice of a professional and qualified travel agent or tour operator.

You will find that there are many tour packages to the Free State available although many people like to do a self-drive tour, especially if they are road-tripping across the entire country. You will find great guest houses, game lodges, hotels, hostels, and even backpackers lodges available in the area for you to use when on your travels. Each of these will have its own level of grading and have budget-related facilities on offer. Restaurants and pubs of course offer a welcoming place for weary travelers to relax, unwind and enjoy a bite to eat.
When chatting to your travel agent about the various packages available for traveling in South Africa, remember to give Free State a visit. This area will certainly win you over and provide you with all the makings of an unforgettable holiday experience. Book now and explore the Free State and its natural beauty on your next holiday.