Most Common Decorating Mistakes of All Time

There are certainly many decorating mistakes that can be committed during a decoration. Luckily fixing most of these decorating mistakes can be rather easy and it actually takes only a bit of planning to avoid it in the first place. Everyone is unique and has their own sense of style, but you might be surprised what learn about the biggest decorating mistakes of all time.

Too Much is Overdone!

Everyone has made this mistake at least once in their lifetime – using too many accessories in your design! If you use too many things in your design instead of looking classy, it can look messy and cluttered. The rule of thumb here is to keep items to a complete minimum so as to allow the character you want to emanate without cluttering up the space.

The Death of Style

Everyone loves browsing furniture stores and dreaming about buying the displays right off the floor. Each display has been painstakingly set up and would look good in any home. The problem comes in where if your home tends to look too exquisite, it won’t really look homey. Instead of copying the store’s design step by step, put your own style in it so that it can reflect your personality.

Prints and Prints and Prints

If you use too many prints it will definitely come across as too busy and will detract from the mood that you are trying to achieve. A room that would normally be very warm and inviting can leave people feeling displaced due to simply too many prints.

Matching to Death

If you though matching is always the safe choice, then you are in for a surprise. If you would like to completely ruin a good decorating idea very fast then all you have to do is make everything in the room match completely. It may look splendid on paper but in a room it can be beyond boring and even a tiny bit creepy. Have a base for colour, then add shade and lines and punch it up with accent pieces and colours.

Forget about Lighting

This can lead to a lot of mistakes. Where lighting is concerned, it tends to be over the top many times. It can also be too little or maybe at the wrong spot. It is crucially important that you really pay attention to the lighting and find something that will provide illumination but also add depth to the room.

Random Furniture Placements

Another buzz kill is setting up the furniture randomly. Ensure firstly that the furniture fits in the room. If it is too large then the room will come across as cluttered. It is also important to pay attention to the lay out. Furniture should complement each of the other pieces and should not be grouped into threes. Now that you have been warned about some of the top decorating mistakes to avoid, you can go about decorating your home with confidence.