21st Birthday Bash Entertainment

Searching for the right entertainment can be quite a daunting task especially if you are planning on having different age groups present at your 21st birthday celebration. Catering for all different ages so as not to offend them is very difficult. Most people decide to have different parties so that they themselves can also enjoy two different types of parties. Music is one of the most crucial parts of the party and deciding what to play is a task on its own. Depending on the age groups of your party people, it is essential to choose your music accordingly.

If you decide that you want to hire a DJ it is essential that you hire a DJ that caters to different age groups and not specifically to the young people. If you are having your 21st at your house or at a friend’s house it is only courteous to let the neighbors know ahead of time so that they can also prepare for the party or you could just invite all of them, the more the merrier they say.

It is also polite to ask the permission of the neighbors, before playing your loud music. Even if you do ask permission from the relevant people you should also consider the volume at which you play your music too loud. A good suggestion however is to have separate parties, age-appropriate as well as family appropriate. A nice family braai in the afternoon with family is the way to entertain the older folk and then a big party bash later the night with your friends.

Depending on where you have your party, games could also be a way to entertain your friends and family. Remember that not many 21-year-olds will be very interested in playing board games unless they involve with alcohol. If you are throwing a party for your son or daughter be sure to ask their opinion, but remember that you are still the parent.