The Past and Present of ADT Alarm Systems

The security company ADT was introduced to South Africa in 2001 but was already introduced in the United States in 1874. Although it was established in South Africa many years later ADT protects an alarming amount of 420 000 households with the numbers increasing over time. ADT personnel are only employed if they have undergone a range of tests and clearances. ADT makes sure that its personnel is the best of the best to take care of you, your homes, and your business.

ADT’s motto is to always be there for their clients as well as always standing beside you and protecting you and your family. ADT also has five main principles. They vow to always be professional, reliable and have competence as well as honor and proactivity. ADT has a range of products and services they have to offer, but the most common one is ADT alarm systems. ADT alarm systems come with not only an armed response but guarding services and of course CCTV functionality. ADT alarm systems also include community security and estate security schemes.

When you decide to get an ADT alarm system they promise to always be there for you and to take care of all of your needs. They are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to ensure your safety. ADT alarm systems for your home include home security monitoring which ensures that you have twenty-four-hour armed response teams, any intruder alarms, as well as if a burglar may use Carbon Monoxide as well as fore alarm systems. They will install all types of alarm systems along with panic buttons for when you need them as soon as possible. Depending on what ADT alarm systems you are interested in are what will determine the price. Once all systems are installed you probably only pay a small fee per month to pay for any membership charges. This way you know you are covered as long as you pay your monthly subscription. If you want to feel safe and sleep well at night, why not get some form of ADT alarm system installed.